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The big glass ball o SPAAAAAAAACE viewing

Make spheres and put people in them
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Make a fairly large sphere of tinted glass (say, 9 meters in diameter to match the super heavy), of appropriate thickness with a hole cut out. Once you're IN SPAAAAAAAACE enter the sphere and have people weld the hole shut. No opaque components necessary. Have the sphere put out into the void. Now you're in comfortable clothes and free to look around, jump, wield a handheld fan for movement, and otherwise have fun. Your view will be completely unblocked in every direction (aside from the inevitable condensation but there are ways to mitigate that) If you like you can even have your transportation head away until even it's just a tiny dot.

Before your air runs out the ball can be collected, put into a pressurized environment, and re-opened.

Voice, Jul 09 2021

Quora: CO2 accumulation in an airtight room https://www.quora.c...%20or%20starvation.
Seems OK for a day trip [sninctown, Jul 10 2021]

Carbon Dioxide Concentrations in Rooms Occupied with People https://www.enginee...on-rooms-d_692.html
[Voice, Jul 10 2021]

How long can we survive in a sealed enclosure? http://www-das.uwyo...e%20more%20heavily.
[Voice, Jul 10 2021]


       So, like a glass- bottomed boat, but in all directions.   

       On the one hand, no fish.   

       On the other hand, potential for terrifying existential crisis.
pertinax, Jul 09 2021

       //On the one hand, no fish.   

       On the other hand, potential for terrifying existential crisis.//   

       Oh, c'mon... That is SO;

       Orbit with little space junk recommended
Voice, Jul 10 2021

       // head away until even it's just a tiny dot// I quite like my head being situated closer than that.   

       Why does the hole need welded shut, if it were a ground glass stopper inserted from the inside would it not be airtight enough?   

       Could you carry a compressed gas cylinder in your pocket to top up any lost air?
pocmloc, Jul 10 2021

       You could also carry an oxygen candle, CO2 absorber, and a snack. Voiceco not responsible for combustion of clothing.
Voice, Jul 10 2021

       Okay, assume the inside of the sphere is 8.5 meters in diameter. The interior volume is 321.5 cubic meters of air. You lose consciousness if oxygen concentration drops below 15%. Importantly, it's not lack of oxygen that makes a person feel bad, but buildup of CO2. Air feels stuffy at 800 parts per million of CO2. So we need to keep oxygen above, say, 15% to avoid hypoxia*   

       Following the formula in the link,   

       t = time lapsed from initial time to time of <s>loss of consciousness</s>feeling bad because you don't have enough air   

       Vr = volume of enclosure (m3)   

       Vp = volume of a person (about 0.1 m3)   

       Li = initial oxygen concentration (21% or 0.21)   

       Lf = final oxygen concentration (15% or 0.15)   

       n = number of people in enclosure   

       C = per capita rate of oxygen consumption ((3.33 10-6 m3 s-1)*1.25 because the person won't be at rest all the time)   

       t = {Vr - nVp}{Li - Lf} / nC   

       t=(321.5-.1)(.21-.15)/3.33* 10^-5)=460,000 seconds, or 7,666 minutes, or over 1200 hours.   

       Now for CO2 concentration.   

       Following the formula in the link,   

       The Carbon dioxide concentration in a room filled with persons after a time - t - can be calculated as   

       c = carbon dioxide concentration in the room (m3/m3)   

       q = carbon dioxide supplied to the room (m3/h)   

       V = volume of the room (m3)   

       e = the constant 2.718.....   

       n = number of air shifts per hour (1/h)   

       t = time (hour, h)   

       ci = carbon dioxide concentration in the inlet ventilation air (m3/m3)   

       c0 = carbon dioxide concentration in the room at start, t = 0 (m3/m3)   

       No inlet air, no air going out, and thanks to human activity in earth's atmosphere a typical starting CO2 concentration will be 400 parts per million. A person at rest outputs 0.05 m^3/hour of CO2. Fat metabolism exercise carbohydrate metabolism oxygen/cO2 ratio blah blah and therefore the ratio of oxygen input to CO2 output is about 1:1 for a person who is exercising. Handwave, handwave, so we'll use .07 m^3/hour since the occupant won't be at rest.   

       c = (q / (n V)) [1 - (1 / e^n*t)] + (c0 - ci) (1 / en t) + ci   

       solving for t   

       800/1000000 = (.07/0*XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)) [1 - (1 / 2.718^0*t)] + (400/1000000 - 0) (1 / 2.718^0*t)) + 0   


       *individuals with certain medical conditions need more oxygen than this, and therefore their own formulae   


       XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ---This is the point I realized this formula won't work because it's not made for 0 exchanges per hour. My brain is tired, so I'm going to pretend I'll come back later to tidy up.
Voice, Jul 10 2021

       I'm assuming only the equipment the person wants to carry on his back to maintain the glass balliness.
Voice, Jul 10 2021

       You could just reverse the oxygen consumption formula for the CO2 formula.
Voice, Jul 10 2021


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