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Bouncing Ball Page Numbers

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Animate page numbers in books, by converting them into a bouncing ball, flick book sequence. (note this is the second part of the earlier idea in the link)

Pulp fiction style detective novels could get a film noir style flickering neon, or smoking gun sequence incorporating the changing page numbers.

With the average book running to 250 pages, a ten second movie sequence could also be created by those dexterous enough to get the page edges to flick over at 24 frames per second.

xenzag, Oct 12 2009

Flicking_20Through_20Magazines earlier magazine version [xenzag, Oct 12 2009]


       [Psst, xenzag... make that two 5-second sequences. 250 pages only have 125 right or left sides on top of each other, no?]   

       Is there still going to be a page number in that page number? How do you deal with the sudden jump from e.g. "7" to "8"? The digits would just be a flickering gray spot--?
jutta, Oct 12 2009

       The devil in the details... but that makes it even better, because you can play (as you correctly suggest) a different sequence by turning the book face down, and feathering it from back to the front.   

       The numbers would of course be mostly illegible at any kind of meaningful speed, so the main part of the idea is the animation.
xenzag, Oct 12 2009

       //Is there still going to be a page number in that page number?//   

       Make it a bomb and the numbers can be a timer.
The unnumbered pages at the start could be the explosion.
Yes, you'd need to flick it from the back to the front.
Loris, Feb 23 2021

       The monks doing pictorial capital letters would be proud. I don't think you should do a bottom line, spoilers are bad etiquette.
wjt, Feb 25 2021


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