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Bowl-spanning Rubber Dung

I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK now, after that!
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The fine art of the prank. Here at BUNGCO we beta-tested the Freeze Dried Dung. The intention was a safe, odor free and germless product which could be easily stored, then placed into a toilet to rehydrate. The office toilet filled to the brim with dung was a wonder to behold and many good laughs ensued. But someone had to clean up what was still a bowl full of wet dung. Flushing was not the answer, we found.

How to simulate the shock and awe of discovering some bursting Paul Bunyan has used your toilet, but without any messy cleanup? BUNGCO is proud to roll out the the Bowl Spanning Rubber Dung. This monstrous mound of lifelike dung is fine simply placed on the floor or the sidewalk, but is at its best when placed into the office toilet or the spare bedroom toilet at your inlaws. Spanning edge to edge, the glistening mound speaks of bowl-blocking fortnightly colonic catharsis. There is even a cleft where some toilet paper can be tucked for added realism.

But unlike real (or freeze dried) dung a flush will cause the rubber mass to float up on top, not occluding the bowl, ideally. The entire thing can be simply lifted up and out. Rinse it off and it is good for reuse - pranked becomes prankster, in the Circle of Life.

bungston, Aug 14 2009

The biggest ever http://www.twenteuitdekunst.nl/node/94951
Thought I would join in the fun [zeno, Aug 15 2009]

Be careful what you wish for. http://www.youtube....watch?v=kfjPcGIVLcE
(sorry) [tatterdemalion, Aug 19 2009]

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       The best part is you managed to get 21 Quest to search for fake poop.
tatterdemalion, Aug 15 2009

       Oh no, no photoshop, he's a well respected artist.
zeno, Aug 16 2009

       Better still is if the spanning-stool reaches from one side of the seat to the another, perhaps bisecting the bowl at its narrowest, leaving the startled finder to goggle internally at the feats involved in laying such a deposit, unable to avoid considering how the poo-er must have levered him- or, not being sexist about it, herself up off the floor, hands pressed hard, wrists whitening, against the cubicle walls, feet dangling wrapped in a knot of trousers and underpants, swinging slowly left to right, rate of swing and dump both being carefully managed so as to span the void without shit snapping and falling like a B-movie rope-bridge into the presently still but soon to be raging lagoon below.
calum, Aug 17 2009

       Gotta wipe away the tears falling from my laughing eyes before I can go on...   

       Okay now, first, [tatterd]-heh heh, and second, [calum] that is so entirely worth the read that it made me sick. And Bubba is right, and there has been some wicked sicko stuff written here.
blissmiss, Aug 17 2009

       /They're available at any novelty toy store!/   

       The fact that rubber dung represents a mature art form means that we could hire accomplish Danish dungsmiths to actualize the product described here. I would point out that while those linked dungs have their charms, none is or intends to be Bowl Spanning.
bungston, Aug 17 2009

       Dungsmiths - I had all their records in the 80s.
tatterdemalion, Aug 17 2009

       That is quite a movie, tatter. I thought maybe it would crawl up his pant leg in the end, and then he would make his way back to the john to complete the circle.
bungston, Aug 20 2009


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