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Edible Poop Toy

For a great laugh, or possible jail time/insanity judgement
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Imagine: you are at the park walking your dog. You take a break on the park bench. An officer comes up to you and asks "are you going to take care of that sir?", and you say "mam" because it's a female cop, "yes, yes i will" referring to the wad of (supposedly) pooh that your dog has just deposited.

You go through your pockets and upon finding no baggie for your snackie, you pick up the wad, take a sniff (in fact checking if it is actually your fake wad or Jeffrey (the dog) actually did doo his business, in that case, I would arrest you myself), chuck it into your mouth, chew and smile with a grin, and that winking eyebrow thing, because she's a female cop. You then say "is everything okay officer? ". What happens next will definitely need some kind of hidden camera.

Did I mention the actual product? It's a bag of fake pooh-looking, maybe bean dip product or something. It comes with a extrusion hole to look like actual pooh. It is shot out onto the ground to look like real pooh, for comedic purposes.

What if it looked like man pooh? and for dramatic scenery, have a roll of toilet paper near, and place it next to one of the bums sleeping on the benches. It would be his tool of privacy, and if they do take him away in a straight jacket, at least he'll have a padded room to stay in for the night!

Next idea: floater (for your pool fun).

twitch, Jan 05 2009

How to make it http://www.wonderho...edible-poop-170207/
[wagster, Jan 05 2009]


       //What happens next will definitely need some kind of hidden camera//
You mean the part where you're dragged off to the hospital to have your stomach pumped despite garbled protestations, then handed the bill for it ?

       Though reactions do vary and I suppose being beaten senseless or tasered would be viable options.
FlyingToaster, Jan 05 2009

       Hey! This is the Halfbakery, [Twitch], so why is your name two-thirds correct?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 05 2009

       Why not just dress up as Divine, and replace "it" with the real thing?
xenzag, Jan 05 2009


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