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Bowlerama Man

The seven-ten doesn't stand a chance.
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This superhero's super-outfit consists of bowling shoes (in complementary primary colors) and an almost-matching nylon league shirt (short-sleeve, button-up, wide-collared). He knocks supervillans over by slinging bowling balls at them, he can always pick up the spare, and he can down a pitcher of Bud Light before the 3rd frame. Has a super-cybernetic-hydraulicly-enabled-mechanized utility bowling glove meshed to his right hand which gives him super strength when slinging bowling balls and picking wedgies.
PotatoStew, May 23 2001

Lord Seven-Ten http://www.halfbake...ea/Lord_20Seven-Ten
Bowlerama Man's arch enemy [PotatoStew, May 23 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       Well, we would have to license the idea from the Mystery Men...
globaltourniquet, May 23 2001

       Ah! I forgot about her. Well, this is a bit different. Bowlerama Man has no need of skulls in his bowling balls.
PotatoStew, May 23 2001


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