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Bruckheimer Man

For the American way...with explosions!
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Bruckheimer Man is a hero of many talents. He can drive fast cars. He can fly supersonic fighter aircraft. He can even teach a bunch of rebellious high school students.

But he's a little dumb. And unlucky. Usually so unlucky that when everything looks fine and clear something HAS to go wrong. But he always preserveres.

Although mainly relying on his many talents, the testosterone filled hero also has the ability to move incredibly quickly. You'll only see him for a few seconds before he's somewhere else.

His love for explosives is also well documented. He also likes waving the American flag alot.

mrkillboy, Jun 17 2001

IMDB: Jerry Bruckheimer http://us.imdb.com/...?Bruckheimer,+Jerry
The producer who brought us such gems as "Pearl Harbor", "Gone in Sixty Seconds", "Con Air", and "Flashdance" [jutta, Jun 17 2001]


       I haven't been paying close attention to the cinema lately; which movie is this a rant against?
bookworm, Jun 17 2001

       No, it's not a rant. In fact, I am a big fan of his work and to prove it, I LOVED Pearl Harbor.   

       Actually this is meant to show how certain cinematic conventions could apply to superheroes. Any number of names could apply to this idea.
mrkillboy, Jun 18 2001

       UnaBubba: In other words, no.
bookworm, Jun 18 2001

       Methinks UnaBubba is PMSing.
dgeiser13, Jun 18 2001

       Me too.   

       Una, this is an idea for a superhero and it isn't the first. If jutta didn't want, or think these were ideas, she wouldn't have created the "culture: superhero a-f", "culture: superhero f-o" and "culture: superhero p-z" categories. What's more, this idea is no different than "GameBoy" or "The Melanoma"...two superhero ideas you seemed to like.   

       When these superhero ideas first started appearing I wasn't really into them, but they've become accepted as ideas, so we're left with calling them baked (as Peter did with this one), dissing or dismissing them.
iuvare, Jun 18 2001

       I create categories because people post lots of ideas that have something specific in common, not because I "want" ideas in that category.   

       (In response to the below.) Someone obviously thinks they're ideas. Generally, some parts of the halfbakery are always more of a creative writing exercise ("someone should make a movie that has X in it" rather than "X"), and since that area has fewer rules, it is more susceptible to fads and repetition than others. Oh well.
jutta, Jun 18 2001, last modified Jun 22 2001

       Fair enough, but these ideas (the ones that have something specific in common) have become accepted as ideas then, no?   

       I'm not arguing whether you like them but whether or not they qualify as ideas. My difference with UnaBubba is whether this is an idea, not whether it's a bad one.
iuvare, Jun 18 2001

       Una: Maybe if I do an interpretive dance to a Harold Faltermeyer tune you would feel happier? (cue opening chime sounds of Top Gun soundtrack)
Cedar Park, Mar 06 2003


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