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Banjo Man

"that banjo hitter, that uptown critter- Banjo Man.."
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I don't have a persona yet, and neither does my superhero- all i've got so far is the theme song... wanna hear it?..

theme from banjo man-

with only a song and a prop to make the bad guys stop- it's banjo man that banjo hiter that uptown critter- that's banjo man.

looking for o sussanna all de live long day chasing down the bad guys be they straight or gay it's the banjo man' that go-getter, bed wetter- it's the banjo ,man...

bluefloyd, Feb 06 2001

Waterproof Banjo-Ukulele http://www.halfbake...oof_20Banjo-Ukulele
A half-baked weapon. [macm, Feb 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I prefer an ending that goes, "It's the banjo, banjo man." The rhythm of the song would go more smoothly, I think.
pnewp, Feb 06 2001

       Will his sidekick be the mandolinier?
Wes, Feb 07 2001

       Straight from the swamps of "Deliverance", Inbred enough to know how to clog dance..... It's banjo man that down home wonder, taking the bad guys under...
Susen, Feb 14 2001

       banjo man and his trusted friend cheesy violinist once again defeat evil by shouting out thier theme song and strumming the bad guys to death........hey, when people play banjo's do they yoodle??
kei, Jun 08 2001

       - Holy broken banjo strings, banjoman!   

       I think that as a sidekick, banjoman should have some sort of sentient banjo. We could name him/her/it "Banjo." What do you think?
SandMan12, Jul 27 2001

       [kei] i think you mean "yodle", and no.
echo, Apr 08 2004

po, Apr 08 2004

       ban[po]s ?
csea, Apr 08 2004

       Hey, I know how to clog...Wait a minute...what are you saying!?
wittyhoosier, Mar 26 2006


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