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Captain Colostomy

Cuts The Crap & Cuts Out Crime
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Super Powers: None Really. But has dual pressurised colostomy bags. Also he never has to run off to the little hero's room.
pittfrog, Aug 26 2002

Top 10 least popular superhero characters. http://whnn.com/20512.html
Search for "colostomy". Ha-ha. Shit = funny. [jutta, Aug 26 2002]

Captain Colostomy http://www.stripcre...m/view.php?ID=31887
"and the Case of the Missing Sphincter". On a DIY (unless you're using something other than Internet Explorer) cartoon site. [jutta, Aug 26 2002]


       Wasn't this on Who's Line Is It Anyway?
DrCurry, Aug 26 2002

       Man I Hope not. It was in a cartoon i drew at work tho.
pittfrog, Aug 26 2002

       You must be in an odd line of work.
bristolz, Aug 26 2002

       Am I right in that 'Captain Colostomy' is just a guy with a colostomy bag then (apart from him being a pratt)? No different from the thousands of other -ostomy bearing people?
Jinbish, Aug 26 2002


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