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Bowling Food Machine

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Pricing and Food Quality contingent upon how many pins you knock down.

Strikes equals cheapest food pricing and highest quality food.

Gutter balls equals maxim pricing lowest quality food

Food delivered in bowling ball type container via ball return.

You order on the screen when you set up your game

vfrackis, Jun 02 2012


       No offense, [Frack], but taking concept A and bolting it indiscriminately to concept B does not tend to yield very good ideas as a result.   

       I do like the part about the food coming out of the ball return, but that doesn't really justify the rest of the idea. Maybe this idea could be reborn as an integrated bowling alley snack bar that lets you order directly from the scoring display?
ytk, Jun 02 2012

       Making people who aren't great bowlers pay a lot of money for shitty food is not an attractive idea. IMO, you should just throw out the whole variable pricing/food quality thing.
Alterother, Jun 02 2012

       // Gutter balls equals maxim pricing lowest quality food //   

       Ah, the notorious "McDonalds" throw ...
8th of 7, Jun 02 2012

       this idea is valid and all good   

       my inspiration was a stepped on sandwich that i saw in the street then 10 minutes later I saw a bowling ball in a creek   

       in the moment i thought to make a grilled cheese sandwich and crush it in the pan with a bowling ball, i like mine flat and burnt..   

       then quite suddenly actually i thought how nice would it be to bowl a strike and have a fresh hot chicken pot pie return instead of the ball as a reward. I had this feeling that this pot pie, hard won would taste more delicious than any other.   

       this composite device embodies the spirit of bowling, the spirit of performance reward and the spirit the classic vending + fantasy entertainment   

       Bowling Food Machine is an elegant and understated home run all day long!
vfrackis, Jun 02 2012

       // Bowling Food Machine is an elegant and understated home run all day long! //   

       "A giant-size Mixed Metaphor with fries and a soda, to go please."
8th of 7, Jun 02 2012

       //       this idea is valid and all good   //   

       Well, that's me beat. I can't contend with logic like that, especially when it's supported by absolutely no rational argument or solid evidence. This guy's good.
Alterother, Jun 02 2012

       I like the idea. It reminds me of Homer Simpson as the Beer Baron. "I filled the balls with a funnel!"   

       The idea would work better with booze. Roll a strike and get an expensive martini back. A gutter ball gets some cheap draught.
rcarty, Jun 03 2012

       Nutritionally, you'd be better off eating the ball, in preference to the "food" served at bowling alleys. It's just greasy pimple and obesity fodder.
UnaBubba, Jun 04 2012


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