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Bowling Blinkers

No more sideways distractions help you strike everytime!
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A simple, but stylish bit of headgear, with large (retractable) blinkers on the side (like a shirehorses), to stop people on neighbouring lanes from distracting you with their outlandish bowling style/hair/legs etc. as you are approaching your vital shot.

These could be combined into an amusing hat with a witty bowling related slogan embossed on the front. Also, a flip down targetting device and drinks dispenser attached.

Bedford Van, May 09 2001


       But would they stop you being distracted by your own feet due to those garish shoes they make you wear?   

       Also, are shirehorses the same as heavy horses?
slancaster, May 09 2001

       BV. I Am in agreement here. There's nothing more distracting to a part-time bowler like me when I'm struggling to lift the ball 'cos I can't find one that's right, to see some old lady in the next lane confidently bowling the damned thing overarm and getting a strike. Rant ends.
Ivy, May 09 2001

       Ahh..but did you know that cricketers used to bowl under-arm, and overarm bowling was invented so that 18th century ladies could bowl with their large crinoline dresses on??
That would make a great movie, Pride and Prejudice meets KingPin.....
goff, May 09 2001

       <point of information---b/c slancaster asked> Shire horses are a specific breed of what are known as heavy draft horses. There are also the specific breeds of Percheron, Clydesdale, Suffolk Punch, the Irish Draught, Ardennais, Boulonnais, Breton, etc. as well as a whole slew of regional breeds such as the Dutch Draught, the Italian Draught, etc.   

       What might be more feasible for this idea would be to use the blinkers that are more "cups" as used in horse racing. Although why anyone would spend time throwing a heavy ball at a bunch of helpless white bottles is still beyond me.
Susen, May 09 2001

       re: targetting device. Have you played Tekken Tag, specifically the bowling game? Play it with Yoshimitsu (or the Jacks). He has exactly what I would like to see on my bowling targetting system. (I bowled a 244 there just the other day. Joy.)
absterge, May 09 2001

       Hey, AfroAssault: I want exploding bowling pins, how about you?
Dog Ed, May 09 2001

       Do you honestly have to ask?
AfroAssault, May 16 2001

       to make overarm bowling even more fun you could have an inflatable boucy lane to add an extra dimension to the game + remove embarrassment to silly 1st timers like me who take a ball with finger holes too small and watch it stick untill the crucial point in the swing when it launches into the air at head height and comes crashing down on the lane with a loud bang that makes everyone jump
chud, Sep 16 2001


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