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Bowling Mano-a-Mano

Bowl your opponent's first ball in his frame.
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In conventional bowling there are two contrary goals: (1) avoid splits, and (2) resolve splits into spares.

In Bowling Mano-a-Mano, the opponents bowl the other's first ball in each frame. Thus, the objective is to create difficult splits for the other to resolve and to resolve those splits into spares on the second ball (bowled by the "owner" of the frame) in the frame.

In one variety, if you bowl a gutter ball in your opponent's frame, that counts as a strike.

The advantage is that bowling now has become a competitve sport in which the players are involved in each other's result. The better you are at causing splits, the worse your opponent's score.

Goesta Berling, Jan 01 2005


       There are such games as Crown Green Bowling and Indoor Bowls that use these strategies (and more!). I believe that they gave rise to the phenomenon of 'Ten Pin Bowling'. I may be corrected on that last one.   

       Sorry, not to knock over pins though. [mfd removed]
gnomethang, Jan 01 2005

       Crown Green Bowling and Indoor Bowls have nothing to do with this concept. Those two games seem closely related to petanque de boules and boccia. Those are both better games than conventional bowling because you can interact with the other player's balls, like knock one out of play much like in croquet.   

       Perhaps they did give rise to ten pin bowling, but then again soccer (association football) and american football presumably have the same origins also.
Goesta Berling, Jan 02 2005

       Hmm..this gives me an idea: Why not have the two bowlers face each other while standing directly in front of the opponent's pins? They would roll, and then attempt to jump out of the path of the onrushing urethane orb.
crater, Jan 02 2005

       While I am proud of the fact that I have never decided to go bowling sober, were I drunk enough to want to go bowling, this would be an interesting variation.
ato_de, Jan 02 2005

       [Ato_de], that's a small window of opportunity to throw a bowling ball through.
mensmaximus, Jan 02 2005

       I would remove the gutters for this sport. Gutter-balls are entirely too easy.
RayfordSteele, Jan 02 2005

       Rayford -   

       That is why I suggest the alternative in which the gutter ball counts as a strike ... that being as a strike for your opponent.   

       To clarify the concept: the scoring is identical to regular bowling. The only difference is who bowls the first ball in each frame. Say if you have bowler A and bowler B, then A bowls B's first ball, and B bowls A's first ball. That is why the gutterball counts as strike is a good variation.   

       There are two strategies. One the conservative, play it safe and try to merely knock down one of the back corner pins - I am sure they have numbers, but I am not a bowler. That, however, risks missing and hitting a gutter-ball strike. The other is the aggressive approach: try to nail the king pin head on to cause a split. That has it's downside also, the risk of accidentally hitting a strike.
Goesta Berling, Jan 03 2005

       Smart and devilish. [+]
Etymon, Jan 03 2005

       This might work between very good players who consistently bowl strikes, but among those who do a lap of honour after hitting a pin (ie, me) it probably wouldn't change much.
Loris, Jul 28 2006


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