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bug bowling

One abandoned runway, one VW bug, ten knock-em-down clowns
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Based on the sport of Bowling. Unlike bowling, this sport should not include beer.

Player enters VW Bug and drives full velocity at knock-em-down clowns. Goal is to knock down as many knock-em-down clowns as possible. clowns must be permanently knocked down (i.e. destroyed) to count. Scoring the same as bowling.

nikfish, Nov 29 2001


       no beer, no bun sorry
po, Nov 29 2001

bristolz, Nov 29 2001

       Why a VW, it would be much more fun (and probably faster) in a peddle car with a blindfold after being spun round 37 times before entering the vehichle if you stay on the runway 3pts, knocking a clown down (are they alive or dummy clowns) 200 pts.
arora, Nov 29 2001

       10 knock-em-down-clowns = 10 orange traffic cones?   

       Throw in a wet t-shirt contest and horseshoe pit and I'm sure we could run it as a charity benefit for ?
reensure, Nov 30 2001

       This was played with a golf cart and giant bowling pins in "Billy Madison".
mrkillboy, Nov 30 2001


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