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Box-Shaped Hearts

Valentine's Day time bomb
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In the Valentine's Candy Heart tradition, each of these plump, 2 inch hearts have a little saying on them; "Be Mine", "I Do", "U R Sweet", "4 Ever", "Cute Stuff", "Lick Me", and the like, or with custom sayings if desired. They are not candy, though. They are made from highly compressible sponge, such as used in magician's cup-and-ball acts.

Hundreds of these are packed into a 4 x 6 x 2 inch high box dressed up as a can of Spam for camouflage (spamouflage?... no.), or other appearance to blend in with the surroundings. The box is equipped with a timer which will unlatch the top from the back allowing all sides to collapse.

Place boxes inconspicuously in your lover's cabinets, refrigerator, microwave, on the mantle, the closet shelves, in their car, their office, etc. Anywhere and everywhere to shower them with affection. Set the timers to hit zero while they're away. They'll love you for it, I promise.

Shz, Feb 13 2006


       I thought this would be a proposal advocating the redesign of the human heart to make it easier to replace, service, or store.
But this one's nice, too.
jutta, Feb 13 2006

       Heh, I somewhat thought that too, strangely.
DesertFox, Feb 13 2006

       In the news today, a trailer-load of Box-Shaped Hearts exploded prematurely this morning on a busy on-ramp, causing a massive traffic jam which resulted in lengthy delays for thousands of commuters. At this hour workers with shovels and leaf blowers are still clearing away piles of the small sponges in an effort to open up the roads in time for tomorrow morning's rush hour. We contacted the manufacturer who is baffled as to the cause of the Valentine novelty's early deployment, but this reporter has heard rumours of a terrorist plot which preys on the innocent and loving image of traditional Valentine's Day celebrations. FIlm at eleven.
Canuck, Feb 13 2006

       <Licks heart with the message "Lick me">   

       "This is sponge...."
squeak, Feb 14 2006

       Shameless Nirvana pun.   

       Nice idea, it should be edible sponge though, and dissolve upon contact with the stomach acids.   

       (Mmmm.... sponge cake... needs more jam)
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 14 2006

       Fine - lets jam it in the more *GRN* *HRNNNG* *Get in there!*
DesertFox, Feb 14 2006

       Nice 'Alice in Wonderland-ish' interpretation, [squeak].
Shz, Feb 15 2006


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