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Box-junction mini roundabout

So simple ...
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Mini roundabouts are useful ways of regulating junctions, very similar to a 4-way stop.

But they can become clogged in heavy traffic, as drivers move onto the roundabout despite being unable to leave.

Now, in some jurisdictions, there are such things as "box junctions". These are indicated by a rectangular area in the centre of the junction, filled by a criss-cross pattern of painted lines.

The rule is "Do NOT enter the box unless your exit is clear".

This stops queueing vehicles obstructing the path of other vehicles wishing to cross the junction at right angles.

If a mini-roundabout were marked as a box junction, traffic flow would not be obstructed by vehicles queueing to leave.

This would be less practical on larger roundabouts as drivers must have clear sight of ther chosen exit for the system to work.

8th of 7, Aug 14 2016

Drivers cooperating to create a traffic jam https://www.youtube...watch?v=IiPmSTlgwB4
[pashute, Aug 15 2016]


po, Aug 14 2016

       "Geographical region having a specific set of applicable laws"
8th of 7, Aug 14 2016

       How would enforce it? Or are you talking about drivers being cooperative? (link)
pashute, Aug 15 2016

       // How would enforce it? //   

       Huge swarms of mutant radioactive guinea pigs.
8th of 7, Aug 15 2016

       I think the sentiment is quite unanomous. I am imagining this will be about who is fastest on the gas once the box is clear. I think a zip system would be better. You go after the one on your left (nz). Driver courtesy and all.
wjt, Aug 15 2016

       // Driver courtesy //   

       Hi there, what's the climate like on your planet ? Have you travelled far ?
8th of 7, Aug 15 2016

       My plane climate, luckily, is an askewed bell shape plot of behaviour, towards courtesy. I consider a planet far to big for one individual to sum up. Have I travelled far? now that's a metaphysical question I really haven't given much thought.
wjt, Aug 17 2016

       //"Geographical region having a specific set of applicable laws"// not the UK then?
po, Aug 17 2016

       Yes, sort of - it really depends on how much money you have ...
8th of 7, Aug 17 2016


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