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Roundabout City

you can’t get there from here
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A city plan built on a grid of roundabouts for easy traffic flow and no stoplights [see link].
nuclear hobo, Mar 29 2007

Schematic Plan http://img440.image...e=roundabouttn0.png
[nuclear hobo, Mar 29 2007]

Milton Keynes http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Milton_Keynes
Lots of roundabouts for precisely that reason [imaginality, Mar 29 2007]

Unstoppable Traffic Theory Unstoppable_20Traffic_20Theory
reminds me of this one... [xaviergisz, Mar 30 2007]

Denham Roundabout http://maps.google....n=0.007123,0.023432
Like this, but bigger scale [jonthegeologist, Mar 30 2007]

The Magic Roundabout, Hemel Hempstead UK http://en.wikipedia...t_(Hemel_Hempstead)
... a roundabout with it's own Wikipedia article [jonthegeologist, Mar 30 2007]

Swindon's magic roundabout http://en.wikipedia..._Roundabout_eng.png
...ooo... nasty [jonthegeologist, Mar 30 2007]


       what a horrible, horrible idea. The people I drive with like to go a bit fast, so all of us would be jammed up against each other and the windows. :)
CaptainClapper, Mar 29 2007

       //you'd have to go clockwise in some circles and counterclockwise in others! Me thinks there'd be accidents a-plenty.// Are you only able to make left turns?
nuclear hobo, Mar 29 2007

       no turns at all, only merges...
CaptainClapper, Mar 29 2007

       I would like the concept of planning a city based on islands of walking distance homes, shops and offices, surrounded by ring roads and peripheral parking lots. Then again, I think that's what we have in a number of cities.
DrCurry, Mar 29 2007

       The "Schematic Plan" looks to me like there would have to be a stoplight at every intersection.
BJS, Mar 29 2007

       Bear left or bear right, every intersection is a merge.
nuclear hobo, Mar 29 2007

       they're all "cross-over" merges too -- those suck. North Carolina, in the states, loves to put those where two highways intersect. You have people trying to merge onto the ramp while the people on the ramp are trying to merge off of it... bit of a cluster-something'r'other.
CaptainClapper, Mar 29 2007

       Nope. Google's satellite map of Milton Keynes shows A509 with a series of evenly spaced roundabouts. Roundabout City is a grid of roundabouts, with housing, commerce, education, etc. place in the large circles - these are circular city 'blocks' around which traffic flows.
nuclear hobo, Mar 30 2007

       I learned to drive in a (small) city with no traffic lights - the last pair having been replaced with a roundabout. There was a combination of roundabouts, give ways and through ways.   

       Boy there were some hairy moments when I moved to the big smoke.   

       Meanwhile, I get the logic of your plan.
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 31 2007


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