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Right-Turn City

City Planning for Non-Stop Traffic
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When I was in the USA a couple of years ago I learned that you can turn right on a red light (providing nothing is coming from your left.) I also quickly learned that you could perfectly legally turn right, then immediately left into a diner or gas station across the road, then cut through to the other side of the lights and back onto the road you were on bypassing the lights completely without stopping!

This inspired me to consider whether it would be possible to design an entire road network in a small town where every intersection was turned through 90 degrees, meaning that 'right' was effectively straight on. The whole town's road network could consist of right-turns and straight on's (which would now be like a left turn), but laid out in such a way that you could always get wherever you were going by only turning right.

This would also be a good place to live if you had a fear of turning left.

mecotterill, Jul 03 2008

Unstoppable Traffic Theory Unstoppable_20Traffic_20Theory
[xaviergisz, Jul 03 2008]

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Roundabout City Roundabout_20City
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       I have seen arterial roads that only allow right turns in exceptionally large industrial parks in Warren, Michigan (US). I could tell they were built to accommodate a huge amount of traffic to and from the automobile manufacturing facilities prior to onslaught of foreign imports circa 70’s.   

       Now those streets, although well maintained, are empty making it a pleasant drive should you be cruising around the area. I always liked the idea but never saw it heavily loaded. [+]
CwP, Jul 03 2008

       "I'm not an ambi-turner.. I can't turn left." - Zoolander
Custardguts, Jul 03 2008

       The civilsed world drives on the left.   

       A few dimwitted nations, just for the sake of being different, seem to insist on driving on the wrong side of the road.
neelandan, Jul 03 2008

       So I guess it would have to be a perfect grid. Could work, but I've never seen a city accomplish this. Land gets in the way.
Bukkakinator, Jul 03 2008

       Thats the right side there, neelandan...
Voice, Jul 03 2008

       Use roundabouts
FishFinger, Jul 03 2008

       Yeah, you're exactly describing roundabouts.
theleopard, Jul 03 2008

       Cutting through parking lots to evade an intersection control or to travel from one road to another is illegal (in most places). When caught, you will be ticketed for a moving violation.
Laughs Last, Jul 03 2008

       Yes, as noted, the manuever you are describing is called "defeating a traffic device" in my area and has severe penalties. Forget the ticket price, it is a 2 point violation and that can cost thousands in insurance rate increases. (I hate NJ car insurance).
MisterQED, Jul 03 2008

       Roundabouts force the mixture of extreme drivers into the same small confined area pulling a tight circle where it is assured that all extremes will likely become yet more extreme. Speed demons mixed with the highly conservative (old, new, or intoxicated) makes for a serious road clot with a little road rage topping.   

       I like the idea of using a grid of divided streets (one-ways) with either (not both) right or left turns around larger blocks that are filled with no through streets. Streets with only one access are quiet, are likely to develop a unique style, and less likely to be randomly frequented by speed demons and thieves due to the increased risk of entrapment.
CwP, Jul 03 2008

       You can't legally turn left on red light where you are?
Klaatu, Jul 03 2008

       Yes, theleopard and fishfinger, I just invented the roundabout.   

       But what I hate most of all these days is the rash of roundabouts with traffic lights on. I mean either have traffic lights OR a roundabout, but not both.   

       No, my suggestion is not really a roundabout, it's more like a network designed to keep all traffic flowing through all the intersections. Maybe this has been tried hundreds of times already though.
mecotterill, Jul 05 2008

       also, wouldn't it be cheaper if they made cars that just turned right ? you could remove the passenger front wheel and make a tricycle... half the turn signal equipment allotage, obviously...
FlyingToaster, Jul 08 2008

       American motor racing is all about turning left.
Texticle, Jul 08 2008

       I refuse to turn my 2005 mustang only left. Or right. Or to follow the speed limit if I can get away with it!! I will continue to fill it with premium while all my other cars get the cheap stuff. I will continue to drive my 1974 big block truck until the Arabs quit selling gas. then the ultimate question... IS IT ILLEGAL if a cop doesn't see it!! LOL By the way I have only had two tickets in 28 years of driving so I guess I am not all that and a bag of dorito's!
LoboCal, Jul 08 2008

       Take out the stop signs and traffic lights. Problem solved.
Noexit, Jul 08 2008

       You could call the city "Circle City" It won't save you gas, but it will drive you dizzy.   

       el dueno
el dueno, Jul 08 2008

       You could call the city "Circle City" It won't save you gas, but it will drive you dizzy.   

       el dueno
el dueno, Jul 08 2008

       whoops, there goes [el dueno] again...   

       Big Ben...Parliament...
xandram, Jul 08 2008

       I'm seeing double here - four [el dueno]s!
Texticle, Jul 08 2008

       We call this invention a "traffic circle".
WcW, Jul 08 2008

       I laughed so hard at xandram's comment because I know what it's a reference too!
mecotterill, Aug 10 2008


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