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Boxer Realtime Tracking

Making boxing more informative.
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Integrating a 6-axis motion detector within the boxing gloves of boxers will allow live stats about speed and hit strength, average HPM, etc. This will allow for a more technical sport, which will also allow trainers to train better from better performance tracking.
twitch, Mar 30 2010


       You would probably have to install this on the inside of a boxing glove, placed on the back of the boxers' hands, just above the wrist, so the device couldn't be used to augment a blow.   

       You could also probably add contact sensors (similar to those used in fencing) and boxing glove motion tracking via cameras (possibly via an overhead shot).
Aristotle, Mar 31 2010

       Kind of like F1 boxing? Surprised they don't to this anyway, what with the stumpcam and all.   

wagster, Mar 31 2010


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