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Boxing Gloveses

For practice.
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Boxing is fun. Shadow boxing is less fun. One reason is there is no impact feeling on the knuckels.

These new boxing gloves have a hollow space that contain a weight on a hinge. When a hard enough punch is thrown the hinge compresses and the weight bangs against the hand simulating a connected punch. Satisfying.

Try this yourself with a folded up piece of cardboard. Then taste the cardboard. Come on, do it. Taste it.

schmendrick, Sep 25 2005


       Whaaat ?! *scratch head* /:S I've hit everything from sandbags to makiwara boards, to concrete walls. Something sounds iffy here...
mailtosalonga, Sep 25 2005

       Not sure the momentum works in the right direction for this. Shirley the weight will hit your knuckles at the beginning of the punch, when your hand begins accelerating in that direction, rather than at the end when you'd be hitting something. You could put it on a spring, I suppose, then it would (a) hit your knuckles at the beginning of the swing, then (b) carry on going at the end of the punch, before (c) springing back and hitting your knuckles again. Some satisfaction there, I guess, but there'd be a certain timelag involved.   

       Works for short punches, I guess. Oh, who cares. Bun.
moomintroll, Sep 25 2005

       What are gloveseses?
The Kat, Sep 25 2005


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