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Box It

getting punch-drunk
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My family has become addicted to Bop It (Extreme II), the coordination and reaction toy that challenges you to twist it, pull it, flick it, spin it and bop it on time for an always higher, high score. I think a punching-bag-on-a-springy-pole variant would be fun while training reflexes and stamina.

Using the same smart-mouth electronic voice and a hit zone sensitive processor, Box It could call out “Left Jab”, “Right uppercut” and “Left Hook” in rapid, random order and check that the correct blows are delivered in fractions of seconds to the correct spots on the weaving, recoiling bag.

Left or right hand preference would be input and the height adjusted before start. Maybe a desktop version would be popular for seated, earphone silenced, stress relieving cubicle boxing.

FarmerJohn, Mar 14 2005

(?) What's Bop It? http://www.amazon.c...=glance&s=toys&st=*
[FarmerJohn, Mar 14 2005]


       Or a kick-boxing trainer:
Right rib cage
Left ear
Left abdomen

Sounds like a variant of those music games where you dance on a pressure sensitive mat.
Ling, Mar 16 2005

       Yes [Ling] "Box, Box Revolution"
skinflaps, Mar 16 2005

       Bop it!   

       Flick it!   

       Bop it!   

       Twist it!   

       Twist it!   

       Bop it!   

       I'm going to kill the guy that invented that game. After my next go...
wagster, Mar 16 2005


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