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Bra with cup holders

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For soft drinks.

Just running this up the flagpole (I need some help fleshing it out).

robinism, Feb 22 2005

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       We would have to engineer it so that when you bend over, nothing falls out of the cups.
robinism, Feb 22 2005

       I'm getting all sorts of weird visuals in my head. I think the tricky part would be the bending over part. The only thing I can think of that'll make it spill proof is having a spill-proof lid on it (like toddler sippy cups, or whatever they're called) with a long bendy straw for easy drinking. [I agree with Bubba on the "fleshing it out" part--funniest thing I've read today, too.]   

       Edit: I just had another idea. It's crude but I had to let it out: For men: fill one of those fake nursing breasts with Fanta, Diet Coke, or whatever, affix a straw to the nipple for drinking pleasure. Jeeze Louise, that's a terrible idea.
Machiavelli, Feb 22 2005

       Check out that broad with the big gulps.Ha ha ha. Thanks for the laugh - I needed it.
energy guy, Feb 22 2005

       [Machiavelli], for me to wear that, soft drinks are not enough. White Russians might be appropriate, but I think sake would be the right beverage, since body heat is the drinking temperature for the served warm variation.
normzone, Feb 22 2005

       I think there is some clarity gathering here that guys want to have breasts, even functioning ones. Guys, your days of being barren chested are drawing to a close.   

       Hockey was cancelled on the weekend.
mensmaximus, Feb 22 2005

       Name ideas:
Thirst Queen
Victoria's Slurpie
robinism, Feb 22 2005

       [mensmaximi], I think you're projecting again. No one said "guys want to have breasts." The men who do want them are welcome to use this product.
robinism, Feb 22 2005

       [norm], I mentioned soft drinks for the fake boobs because that's what [robinism] wanted the bra cup holders for. I agree with you, there'd have to be something a little stronger than soda in those cups to get me to wear something like that, too.
Machiavelli, Feb 22 2005

       [Machiavelli] is there really such a thing as a fake nursing breast?
robinism, Feb 22 2005

       Yeah, hold on, I'll find a link to it.   

       EDIT: Um, no, I couldn't find anything on google. Damn, where did I see something about that??? Maybe someone was telling me about something like that and I believed it. heh.
Machiavelli, Feb 22 2005

       At a county fair, I saw an arrow sign directing women who needed to nurse: "Nursing Women". At first I thought there was an exhibit.   

       I saw "Bra with cup holders," I thought "[robinism]". Right again.   

       I find myself pleasantly distracted by your mention of bras, bra cups, holders, a soft drink and flesh, so, a flag pole salute to you for so cleverly combining all of those things into such a concise "innocent" idea statement.   

       Yes, I agree these should have the no flash attribute (nothing falling out of the cups).   

       There's a thing called Curves you can put under your breasts within your bra to increase your size. I saw the informercial. A lot. Something like that, fillable with beverage, and a sports drink straw coming right out of the bra would be spill proof and a nice look. However, the more you drink the more you shrink.   

       It's hard to picture a cup on a bra, but I'm trying. Ah yes, the bra is justifiably larger than the breast within, providing room for the recess into which the cup fits. Thus, a bigger breast appearance and convenient sippy cup. If asked "are those real", one can presume they were asking about the cup holders and honestly answer "yes".
Mustardface, Feb 23 2005

       I'd much prefer the "Jock Strap Cup Holder". (Could also enhance the less than overflowing fellows, by building up some sort of tray appearance. )
blissmiss, Feb 23 2005

       Hey, a tent and cup holder, jock strap combo. Perfect for camping and drinking around the campfire, for perverts that is.
blissmiss, Feb 23 2005

       If you layed down the contents would swooosh out, I think. Unless it was filled with some sort of gel, or CUSTARD.
blissmiss, Feb 23 2005

       //No one said "guys want to have breasts."//, everyone wants to get to first base.   

       Me thinks mens doth project too much because he stood too close to the xenon power supply during his screening days.
mensmaximus, Feb 23 2005

       //Unless it was filled with some sort of gel, or CUSTARD// Solids would work as well. Bra with popsicle holders? To enjoy a few frozen treats while your hands are in use.
Worldgineer, Feb 23 2005

       Would the two cups have two straws, requiring the wearer to sip evenly from each, or would the connect in the middle, allowing the lower breast to overflow each time?   

       Perhaps they connect in the middle with a one way valve on either side of a central straw...
ye_river_xiv, Jul 15 2006

       What about providing drinks for your partner? Have 2 sealed canisters with their favorite beverage (sweet ice tea with lemon for me) attached. One on either side of each breast. Have a straw go around the bottom and end up at the nipple..so really you would have 4 nipples. But you have to make sure that the flesh nipple and beverage nipple are really close together.. So..when your partner gets thirsty during the act he doesn't have to stop to get a drink. Quench and pleasure at the same time.. dang..I'm getting thirsty
rockyed, Jul 16 2006


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