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A bra with built-in storage
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Since most women's fashion items contain no pockets, perhaps the pockets couold be built onto the bra.

Could also become the accessory of choice for young female petty theives.

darkclown, May 23 2005

Baked - brings new meaning to the word "packing". http://www.freerepu...m/a3ad45af14a66.htm
[normzone, May 24 2005]

Hinging Breast Implant http://www.patently...t.php?patID=6875233
From Patently Silly website [Detly, Jun 12 2005]


       An eminently practical first effort, [dc]. But don't bras already have pockets? If not, when women pull money or a pistol out of their bra, where was it before?
bungston, May 23 2005

       now im "not the kind of guy who looks at womens breasts" but wouldnt that make them appear lumpy?
andrew1, May 23 2005

       These exist for people who have had a mastectomy, but as far as I know they're only made by a small Australian business.   

       Maybe I can find them.
Detly, May 23 2005

       A typo. :P
Detly, May 23 2005

       There are a wide variety of these already available. Granted, they don't have little shirt-type pockets with a button down flap, but they do have pockets designed to fit foam inserts that allow you to resize your breasts on a daily basis. You could replace the foam inserts with a brace of derringers if you were expecting trouble.
wagster, May 24 2005

       <redundant>But don't bras...oh, nevermind. </redundant>   

       Seems it would be more effective to put these just below the cups, just for the sake of not having the items make the bust appear lumpy. Women couldn't wear tight shirts with such a setup, but it would be far more comfortable for the wearer.
shapu, May 24 2005

       Baked - see link.
normzone, May 24 2005

       I'm sure I've seen this anno on another bra-centric suggestion, but why is it always the _men_ that comment on these ideas ?
Katisha, May 25 2005

       How do you *know* they're all men. They could all be female fetishists.
yamahito, May 25 2005

       //a brace of derringers // "Ouch! No, I said, what a nice pair of PISTOLS!"
coprocephalous, May 25 2005

       I am in the habit of keeping the occasional key or money inside my bra. I once bothered to keep a chapstick in there for seven hours (why don't women's dress clothes have pockets?) and forgot it was in there. Good times. I think I would like to see a woman who kept EVERYTHING in her cups. Haha! Can just see her at the store, "Oh hold on, I have a coupon for that somewhere in here..."
k_sra, May 26 2005

       While 50 clerks all come running, "Here, ma'am! I'd be happy to help!"
shapu, May 26 2005

       //While 50 clerks all come running//   

       ...and one security guard.
Detly, May 27 2005


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