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Mastectomy bra pocket

inspired by the backpack bustier
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Why let all that usefull space go to waste, simply slice hole in the top half of the outside lining of the bra and sow in a zipper this way you can put all sorts of usefull things like your phone, wallet, tampons, shopping list, hormones, infact people who have had mastectomys may not even have to carry a handbag with them.
Gulherme, Aug 19 2002

Prior art for 8th's anno http://www.halfbake...n_20Body_20Implants
[snarfyguy, Oct 05 2004]


       If you had to have one testicle removed...would you keep your car keys down there?   

       Also not a good look to be fumbling around inside your bra saying you need more hormones. Or having to become flat chested on one side every time your phone rings. Besides that, handbags are useful for whopping insentitive males over the head.
Helium, Aug 19 2002

       This is a tactless, somewhat offensive, and possibly hurtful suggestion, while at the same time being completely practical and potentially useful (except pehaps when used for smuggling ilicit substances). So, not being female, I shall award neither croissant nor fishbone, and leave it up to others to express their judgement.
8th of 7, Aug 19 2002

       I would put m&ms in the pocket, mmmmmmm.
Gulherme, Aug 19 2002

       there was no need to describe this idea using a mastectomy bra concept, unless you have just earned how to spell mastectomy. (in which case, Congratulations.) </sarcasm>
the idea is valid given existing use of padded bras. I own a bra with pockets where you put in little pad-shaped bags of fluid - basically silicon enhancements on the outside. You take them out when you put the bra in the washing machine, obviously. Using this space for other items is something I have thought of, and presumably many others have too (e.g. terrorists, kids taking dope to school, etc.)
putting chocolate in your bra would be the least sensible use of the thing. What on earth type of chocolate are you eating that stays solid at near on 38ºC??
anyway, the idea is almost completely unoriginal, but I don't want to waste my time finding evidence of existing use.
sappho, Aug 19 2002

       [Helium] pass me the insentitive male-whopping handbag when you have finished with it.
po, Aug 19 2002

       //If you had to have one testicle removed...would you keep your car keys down there?//   

       <ubermale>Damn right. It would give us an excuse to guddle in that mafioso-style-"sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, Vinnie"-way... not that we really need one</ubermale>   

       But, yes, not the most tasteful of ideas.
Guy Fox, Aug 19 2002

       Not only obvious, brainless, and breaching a sensitive topic, but drags down the general wit of the site as a whole.   

       Boot to the head.
Peal-n-Eat_Shrimp, Sep 28 2002

       Brassieres with pockets for prosthetic breast forms to be worn by mastectomy patients already exist.   

       This one's way up there on the 'insensitive ass' scale.
waugsqueke, Sep 28 2002

       I would keep a little dillenger pistol. Then if i got assaulted i would put my hand to my breast (thus confusing and distracting the obviously male assailant) and shoot him in the jewels.   

       Actually there is a very real application for undercover male cops dressed as women al a police academy etc.
BrianMaiden, Apr 15 2003


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