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Braille Monitor

So the blind can enjoy surfing the net
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By feeling a special screen the blind can enjoy the wonders of the internet too.
DaveSt, Aug 25 2001

Non-Visual TV Screen http://www.halfbake...isual_20TV_20Screen
Similar, but no OCR. [jutta, Aug 25 2001]

(?) Technology Overview http://www.tsbvi.ed...nology/overview.htm
Magnification, Text-to-Speech, Braille Terminals. [jutta, Aug 25 2001]


       Baked-ish. It's not exactly a monitor, but there is already in existence a computer output device that presents one or more lines of braille at a time. It has a hard, flat surface with a matrix of holes drilled in it where the bumps would be. Each hole has a piston that can rise to a level slightly above the surrounding surface, thereby creating a bump. I remember reading about these devices in an IEEE student publication (was it _Potentials_ magazine?) a while back.   

       There are also "screen scraper" programs linked to text-to-speech converters designed to help the blind interact with computers.   

       Your idea is not original, but kudos for wanting to help those with disabilities to overcome them.
BigBrother, Aug 25 2001


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