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Braille display via heat & others

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Have anybody considered/tested others ways of displaying Braille?

E.g. 1. use lots of tiny heat emitter in place of dots

2. use heat/electrically deformable material(e.g. nitinol coil) to create the bump?

3. use tiny air valve to inflate little dots

//I'm sure there is more, add your ideas on the comments and i shall add it to this. (responding to —ldischler: Your suggestions will not be deleted, and your annotation won't be deleted. I just want to encourage community contribution to people who will be developing these things)

mofosyne, May 31 2010

Use Static Charge Braille_20display_2...g_20static_20charge
[MisterQED, Jun 03 2010]

http://en.wikipedia...ble_Braille_display [goldbb, Jun 07 2010]

The NIST Braille Wheel http://www.itl.nist...e_reader-May04.html
[goldbb, Jun 07 2010]


       //I'm sure there is more, add your ideas on the comments and i shall add it to this.//   

       And once you incorporate the annotated ideas, you can delete the annotations. Good plan! ;)
ldischler, May 31 2010

       lol don't worry, I won't! geeze chill!
mofosyne, May 31 2010

       There are already Braille transcribers, which consist of an array of pins driven by solenoids, in a little cluster. They can display Braille characters.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 31 2010

       However these display are pretty expensive, and is also pretty large.   

       There has got to be alternative ways to do this, that is either cheaper, or smaller/compact, or both
mofosyne, May 31 2010

       The basic braille transponder is pretty small and cheap - it's basically the size of a die. But yes, interesting to consider other options.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 31 2010

       What if the Braille weren't exactly bumps or dimples but were a definite change in texture or somesuch? I'm thinking some kind of electrostatic or nitinol-like carpet that sticks straight out under charge but flattens smooth with none.
RayfordSteele, Jun 02 2010

       [RayfordSteele] kinda like a kindle for the blind?   

       Actually that would be pretty cool.
mofosyne, Jun 03 2010

       I don't know where I read it but someone somewhere describes the realistic possibility that a blind person could read the words off the pages of a book just by detecting the differences in heat radiation hitting his forehead given by the black ink.
daseva, Jun 03 2010

       Only if you put a headline under the grill and then pressed it to your forehead. The words "bollocks" and "focus" spring to mind.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 03 2010

       I suppose there's always the possibility of selectively blowing through little airholes, like on an air-hockey table but much smaller in size, to inflate / deflate bumps or dimples as you scan across.   

       But that sounds mechanically complicated. Better would be a electromagnetic dimple system of some type.
RayfordSteele, Jun 03 2010

       Was starting to post an anno, but spun a different idea. (link)
MisterQED, Jun 03 2010

       According to Wikipedia, two groups, Leuven University in Belgium, and NIST, are developing rotating-wheel Braille displays, which would be smaller and simpler, and (once in production) cheaper, than conventional displays.
goldbb, Jun 07 2010


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