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usb vibrator

Feedback for alerts on laptops, and PC.
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for laptops, a thimble of a USB, with a strong 'vibrating motor' and a simple control circuit is used.

For PC, its almost similar, except it a bigger device, which is stuck to the bottom of your desk. This version, uses both a vibrating motor, and a heavy solenoid (fired by energy from a bank of capacitors). One for a constant buzz, and the other for a 'thuwmp'

If there is a background alert that doesn't deserve a visual mention, the motor will spin.

If during gaming, you get shot, the motor will spin, or the 'solonoid', will hit the table[muffled as to not damage the surface]. End of story.

mofosyne, Apr 09 2010

A page of USB vibrators http://www.alibaba....m/usb-vibrator.html
There's quite a few ... [Aristotle, Apr 09 2010]


       This idea may not be *quite* as original as you were hoping for ...
Aristotle, Apr 09 2010

       despite the silly title and reaction, there doesn't seem to be an existing "force feedback" add-on for game-controllers that don't have one already.
FlyingToaster, Apr 09 2010

       Aristotle - Its not for girls =_=, its for gamers. And it is original in the kind that I haven't seen any dedicated force feedback devices, that are not inside 'gamepads'.   

       This ideas is to create a cheap forcefeedback device for 'non-console' games on the PC.
mofosyne, Apr 09 2010

I take there's only one?
coprocephalous, Apr 09 2010

       Coprocephalous - I think there is no need for more than one solenoid, as we could just fire the same solenoid multiple time rapidly. (like for an automatic gun).   

       An alternative to a solenoid, is another motor, that pushes a heavy piston up and down. It might be cheaper as you don't have to custom make the coil. (but then again, it would wear down faster, since it uses gears and pistons.)
mofosyne, Apr 10 2010

       //a kimbo//   

       [21], slide that "a" over one space and google again.
MikeD, Apr 10 2010


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