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Human RESET button

Cyber implant with forehead button clears sticky social situations
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I mourn the loss of the Reset button on recent computers. Not only should we bug the manufacturers to bring it back, we should encourage the development of a Reset button for people: A tasteful beige or taupe button would fit right in the "third eye" spot in the forehead, and would trigger a small implant that stops a futile brain process (such as an is-so-is-not argument, a why-don't-you-yes-but conversation, or a spiel based on somebody else's ideology). All memory of the preceding three minutes' verbalization would be wiped out, of course, as the Resetee (?) would fall asleep for a split second and then reboot. Imagine the subsequent innovations in rhetoric, manners, politics, and the martial arts...
whatsbruin, Sep 02 2001


       I can't think of any big advantages of the human reset button but i do hate it when computers don't have them... so you get half a croissant...
RobertKidney, Sep 02 2001

       This would be especially good, cause when your parents/wife is mad at you you can push their reset button while they sleep. Oh, and I agree about computers having the button, it's annoying to have to get up and unplug it every time my PC freezes and the on/off button won't work.
NeverDie, Sep 02 2001

       Unfortunately, the forces of evolution will conspire to produce people with beige or taupe foreheads, so you won't be able to SEE the reset button. Tricky geezer, that Darwin...
MonTemplar, Sep 02 2001

       Ooh, ooh! Can I get a fancy-lookin', glossy, molded, vibrant orange, see-through plastic forehead?
absterge, Sep 03 2001

       There are some PCs--mine is one--with no reset but with an override powerdown built into the on/off switch. NeverDie and RobertKidney, have you tried pushing in the on/off button and holding it for about 10 seconds? Oh, you have and it didn't work? Never mind then.
Dog Ed, Sep 03 2001

       I think someone pressed my reset button on Saturday, sometime after the England/Germany football match and the consumption of several vodkas.
Nadia, Sep 03 2001

       Who needs a reset button when you have the short-term memory removing facility of marijuana, dude? It works perfectly well in causing you to forget the last... em... what was I saying... right... who needs a reset button when... uh... what was the question again? Oh, yeah... etc.
Guy Fox, Sep 03 2001

       [salud, unabubba] re: resetting the occasional newbie: I'm afraid you'd only get the same posting again, or [POP-foosh] the same posting again or [POP-foosh] the same...[SPLINK-unplug] [MonTemplar]: If we do see such Darwinian evolution in cyborgs, maybe we'd also see them sprout decoy features like the "eyes" on moth wings -- say, moles that look just like Reset buttons while the real one blends in with skin tone (whatever that is)... [Guy Fox]: Oh. Yeah. I forgot that for some reason.
whatsbruin, Sep 04 2001

       My guess is that it would be like trying to get a PC to access a floppy drive with no disk in it. Might restore his interest in preliminary activities, however...
whatsbruin, Sep 06 2001

       This already exists. It's called hitting them over the head really hard with something heavy and hard, giving them a concussion.
eddidaz, Apr 07 2002

       2 points to mention:   

       [absterge] - Drunken roommates would find a large orange button on your forehead an infinite source of humor, as you will never remember that they are pulling the same trick on you again, and again, and again...   

       In addition, If you accidentally smack yourself on the forehead (a habit that will have a hard time dying) just before a final exam or other important task, you're screwed. This also applies to driving the car, doing the laundry, cooking, etc...
Evil_Baron_Moustachio, Dec 03 2002


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