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ESP Through Wireless-Enabled Brain-Chip TCP/IP Client
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Most of the information you would be able to post on your web site is already stored in your brain.

Why not install a brain-chip that would allow your brain to act as a TCP/IP client? You could browse right from your brain or host a brain-web.net site. The chip would only be able to access data you want to share, i.e., not your entire brain.

If someone wanted to contact you, instead of contacting your cell phone or pager, they could just send e-mail to xxxx@brain-web.net.

If you were wondering what movies are playing downtown, you could just brain-surf over to a movie web site or, even better, brain-surf over to the brain of someone working at the theater.

eagle, Aug 31 2000

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       Someone could hack your head and give you Tourette's, or send you billions of brain-mail and crash your cerebellum. None for me, thanks...
StarChaser, Sep 01 2000

       OK - The idea has been suggested several times in various forms. The only new contribution I have is the idea of your brain chip acting as a generic TCP/IP client -- that way it could do _anything_ over the Internet -- from MP3 sharing to chat rooms.   

       Also, I'd like to pass on a quote from one of the latest issues of News of the Weird:   

       "Researcher Peter Cochrane of British Telecommunications continues development of his "Soul Catcher" brain-implanted microchip that he believes some day will be capable of recording all of a person's chemical reactions in all senses so as to capture "a lifetime's worth of experience and feeling," according to a June New York Times report. (Already, doctors at a Veterans Administration hospital believe they have trained a patient whose ability to communicate was shut down by a brain-stem trauma; after an implant, he can order a cursor around merely by thinking of where he wants it to go.)"
eagle, Sep 01 2000

       None for me, thanks...
StarChaser, Sep 02 2000

       This would provide an elegant solution to the problem of writer's block. Imagine the literary windfalls!
mynx, May 10 2003

       I believe this a pretty good idea, I've had many similiar ideas, but I kind of agree with Starchaser, you'd have to have VERY high "brain" security. Hackers could assasinate presidents and stuff.
koolcj291, Dec 02 2003


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