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Brain Commander headset

A headset that lets you recreate states of conscousness
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There are already commercial headsets available that can read brainwaves, like Emotiv.

Let us start with such a headset. And let us now add voice recognition capabilities.

Suppose you are in a state happiness and you think, I want to experience this state again in the future.

So you say:"Input happy".

So the headset then reads the occuring set of brainwaves and saves this profile of brainwaves in a file named happy.

A few days later, you want to feel this state again, so you say: "Command Happy"

Luckily this headset also has a way to activate the brain. For example with tDCS or TMS.

So the headset then starts an algorithm by which the present brainwaves are read and then electrical (or EM or ultrasound) signals are send to the brain in order to adjust the present brainwaves towards the saved profile.

And miraculousy, in only a few seconds, that state of happyness is recreated.

Just as one would look at a picture to recreate a view once experienced

It should be noted however that it may still be unfeasible with present technology.

mr Dries, Jan 13 2014


       I will, thanks
mr Dries, Jan 13 2014

       Well, not magic in that it would be easy to recreate trips to the dentist by the neural spikes on the headset and a low voltage. But who would want that?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 14 2014

       [m-f-d] disputed. Definitley not "magic". TMS is WKTE and is developing rapidly. EEG headsets as described do indeed exist. Voice recognition is well known and the processor power to record and store brainwave data is, if not already availabe in a portable format, then rapidly moving that way.   

       This is in fact a good idea since it doesn't require explicit identification of functional locii within the cortex. It's just an "analog playback" which is far easier to achieve.
8th of 7, Jan 14 2014

       I don't think it warrants an [mfd]. However, I don't think it would work either. The " brainwaves" that are measured and recordable are only the grosser manifestations of something subtler.   

       This is a bit like saying that, just because you sweat when you're having sex, dousing yourself in water will be a turn on.   

       I suspect it would be easier to use TMS to target different bits of the brain until you find one that does great things; I suspect that aspect of things has already been tried.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 14 2014

       //It should be noted however that it may still be unfeasible with present technology.// Yes. But not as far away as you may think. Or think you think...
4whom, Jan 14 2014


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