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baggage store

its because, everybody needs more baggage.....
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As an avid reader of the craigslist.org dating personals sections, people always mention that they don't want "baggage" when wanting to date other people.

for some of you whom do not know what "baggage" is, it refers to either ex-boyfriends or girlfriend problems and sometimes even children (sadly).

Now, what if you were able to "buy, sell, and trade" your baggage with other people?

Perhaps people can trade in their baggage for some better baggage items.

How it works


Confess your "baggage" to a refillable "baggage(c) spirit container" and just talk away your problems. It also has a label for your ex's number.


If you ever feel you are dateless and lonely and verging on becoming a zombie, you can perhaps buy some of the leftover baggage and perhaps have some baggage to talk about....


Only "A" Rated baggage (with excellent stories and Long term relationship potential) may be sold. In affect, you get a referral to other sellers


The best part is where you can exchange your common "baggage" with other people. In affect (spelling?), you just got cheap counseling and can now relate to the world around you better.

Coming to a Louis Vaton store near you!!

compatta, Jul 04 2006


       sp: Vuitton.   

       Wrong on so many levels. The only saving grace is that it give speople a legitimate excuse to ring doorbells and say "you're my wife now."   

       But that's not enough. Bone.
moomintroll, Jul 04 2006

Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 04 2006


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