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Brain Wave Reader Add On Module for Virtual Reality Headset
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Now that we're at the dawn of the VR age with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive all we need to do to step it up a notch is add a brain wave reader to the head apparatus. Imagine playing a horror game that sensed what you feared the most in its world and sent you more of it (for example if there was a certain kind of zombie that freaked you out the brain wave reader would detect this and send you hordes more of them). Or a soothing relaxation app that presented you with random landscapes and gradually learned the scenery you loved by reading your brain's positive reactions to what it sent you.

As brainwave reading technology matures more and more applications would open up.

lepton, Sep 02 2016


       Can't help but think the government would soon find ways of abusing it.   

       On the other hand it would probably beat a tasp.
whatrock, Sep 02 2016

       I would get zombies relaxing on lounges by the pool.   

       Great tasting zombie! Less filling lounge chair!
popbottle, Sep 04 2016


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