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Spider Gloves and Glasses

Images from camera fingertips are reassembled in front of your eyes as you type.
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These wired gloves and glasses give the spider handed typist spider eyes. When typing on the keyboard using the touch typing technique the gloves take a picture of whatever key is pressed and assembles the images in chronological order, as they would appear on the computer screen. The picture is captured when each finger presses a key because when each individual camera is depressed the image is captured. Also any sufficiently large type book can become a keyboard. Smaller text books could become keyboards for whole words, making discursive writing easier.
rcarty, Feb 15 2013


       Please send the million dollars to
rcarty, Feb 15 2013

       ...so, you are taking pictures of the alphabet?
xandram, Feb 15 2013

       Isn't that what you have just done?
rcarty, Feb 15 2013

       This is brilliant because when you accidentally press the wrong key it sends a photograph of that key instead.
pocmloc, Feb 15 2013

       With such an entertaining display, perhaps I could finally stop typing with my eyes closed.
Alterother, Feb 15 2013

       Don't pick your nose.
AusCan531, Feb 16 2013


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