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Right click with brain.

For tablets, or whatever.
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Machines capable of reading brainwaves to complete simple tasks are getting cheap enough to make toys out of them [link]. Why not sell a USB or Bluetooth headband that connects to your touch screen tablet computer and adds right click functionality? It would be much more fun than a stylus. If you think "right click" as you tap the screen, it will be registered as such. Not concentrating on right clicking gives you a regular left click. I say right click and not total control over the computer because I believe this is realistically bakeable right now.

+ the imput could be programmable.

+ the headbands could be stylish.

DIYMatt, Feb 09 2011

Example Game http://www.amazon.c..._glance_t_ai_-1_t_1
On second thought, screw right click I just want one of these. [DIYMatt, Feb 09 2011]


       The problem with this is that I would be so excited about it that I would be constantly thinking about it, and thus constantly right-clicking.
DrWorm, Feb 09 2011

       Wow, I'm glad other people can remember that film - I remember watching it on VHS at my friend's house (it may have been his "Birthday Treat") back in the days when you and your schoolmates would all go round a friend's to watch a video, eat trash-food and drink fizzy drinks. Probably early '80s.
zen_tom, Feb 09 2011


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