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childrens songs

Safety Songbook for decadent children
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Don't the Dick and Jane's with a smoke in one hand and a martini in the other deserve to make it till their livers blow out at 15?

Suggestion song #1 - "Don't Leave Your Lit Cigarette Alone:"
Don't leave your lit cigarette alone (oh, no!)
Don't you leave your lit cigarette alone (oh, no!)
You can leave your mittens there
As you climb upon your chair
But don't leave your lit cigarette alone (oh, no!)

other possible titles may include, "It's Only a Mud Hash Brownie, Mommy,""Hide n'Seak Cocktail Party Tag,"Miss Molly Had a Dolly (remixed)."

sandysme, Jan 02 2004


       Thanks ever so kindly Jutta - caught your interview on CBC radio 1 today
sandysme, Jan 02 2004

       Also heard your interview on CBC Radio1 today jutta. You have new fans north of the border. Excellent site.
happyone, Jan 02 2004

       Ya just HAD to mention the vibrating tampon idea, huh?! -- GREAT radio spot, [jutta]!
Letsbuildafort, Jan 02 2004

       Well, I thouhgt the show was punctuated by poor excuses for music. Other than that it was talk-radio listening as usual. Not exactly my cuppa tea, but anything for you, [jutta]!
Letsbuildafort, Jan 02 2004

       damn it. i wanted to hear such a thing!
Space-Pope, Jan 05 2004

       Maybe Jutta taped it? Hmmm?
Overpanic, Jan 06 2004

       I doubt it but I would like to be proved wrong.
po, Jan 06 2004


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