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Blow Free Organically

Organic, natural decongestant in the form of an onion-based spray.
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A pocket-sized spray bottle containing concentrated onion juice. Not sweet white onions, but those yellow onions.

Feeling clogged up? Spray some of this in your eyes. Be sure you have access to a tissue. Do not use when driving.

mylodon, May 24 2008

suitable irritation http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/485061
[Amos Kito, May 24 2008]

would you care to try some wasabi? Joke_20Wasabi
[jaksplat, May 24 2008]



       Why not just use pepper spray?
ye_river_xiv, May 24 2008

       I didn't try peppers. I only had onions. They work great.   

       Most pepper spray would be too strong; onions should just provide suitable irritation, not pain.
mylodon, May 24 2008

       Pop open a bottle of horseradish and inhale. Carefully. Too fast and you'll feel like a spike was being driven through your head.   

       You don't have to spray it, eat it, or even take any out of the bottle. And it doesn't bother the eyes.
lurch, May 24 2008

       Dry red peppers (in a cloth pouch) are also said to be inhalable for clearing the nose.   

       Perhaps one could wear a yellow onion on a neck chain, and slice it as needed. But without the eye juice.
Amos Kito, May 24 2008


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