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Brass Level Knuckles

An easier to use level!
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I had this idea while installing ballusters on a deck railing I am building.

This small level has a hole for your finger and a flat edge that sits in your hand. On the back side(the side where the stone would be in a ring) is a small set of bubble levels. The flat is held against the item being leveled(like a Post, Pole, Balluster or whatever) allowing you to gauge level while maintaning a firm grip on the material while using your other hand to fasten it in place.

jhomrighaus, Jul 31 2006


       excellent idea. :)
kumpf, Aug 01 2006

       I think I would have trouble seeing the small bubbles on the back of my hand while trying to attach it at the same time.But they do have corner levels that strap on to the pole that you are trying to level, allowing you to level it in both directions.   

       Won't look as nice on your pinky finger as a gold leveling ring would though...
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 01 2006

       I was about to bone this and complain that you were arming the angry construction workers I run into, but then I realized that they already have nail guns, and I was one of them... so buns for you!
ye_river_xiv, Aug 01 2006

       [ye_river_xiv], you forgot that you used to be construction worker? How do you forget about a career choice? Just curious because I wouldn't mind having that talent.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 01 2006

       [ntss] I know they have those but having to take them off and put them on when you are setting lots of posts(like ballusters) is a major pain. I am rebuilding the railing on my porch and have had to install something like 80 ballusters, thats a lot of attaching and unattaching of those levels.
jhomrighaus, Aug 01 2006

       Could you set the first one and then make a spacer for the next one? Then check for level every few pieces to make sure you still spot on.Or make them a section at a time?   

       It sounds like you've already finished or are close so I guess this anno would be moot at this point.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 01 2006

       not yet but I did that on one of the sections and it ended up lopsided by the end of the section.
jhomrighaus, Aug 01 2006

       It would be nice if they made a laser level that created a bunch (you chose how many) of vertical lines that divided the space evenly on a straight wall or wood. It would look something like:   

       | | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 02 2006


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