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Pocket Spirit Level

make the appropriate notches, and tinker with the design and you have a spirit level
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There I was the other day, enjoying a beer with [lukecleland] when I chanced upon the idea that a standard cigarette type lighter would, with only a minimal set of changes be an altogether handy spirit level (for judging the horizontality of walls etc.). Surely an enterprising manufacturer could do the decent thing.
neilp, Dec 14 2005


       Stunning example of industrial design convergence. (+) ..and if you in fact find that the walls of a particular structure are not perfectly in square, then you could use the spirit level lighter to burn the offending building down.
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 15 2005

       New recognition code for gay construction workers: "Got a spirit level on you?"
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 15 2005

       +, but how would you be able to use it as the consumption of gas drops the level over time? A set of parallel lines, or a way to separate a small, fixed quantity of liquid to a small chamber?
Ling, Dec 15 2005

       What the Consul said...In my earlier days, one of the things I got paid to do was measure angles. Could have come in handy...
normzone, Dec 15 2005

       This will proabably sell. According to the A.N.H.W.Program's "industry Standards", levels are disposable. And who needs a straight edge anyway.
Grandpa Rhd, Dec 16 2005


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