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Money-making spirit level of dishonesty

I bloody told you, that pint is squiffy!
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Included in the packaging:

One small spirit level, 4cm in length.

One level floatation device, on which the spirit level fits.

On any solid flat surface, the spirit level is correct, as it is when mounted on the floatation device - however, the float is weighted ever so slightly more on one side than the other.

Thus, when placed inside a (reasonably full) pint glass, the bubble will creep over to one side - winning the wager you placed prior to setting sail.

fridge duck, Jan 30 2007


       Surely the fact that the float was cocked over by the device poised upon it would be obvious to all but the most intoxicated buffoon?
Texticle, Jan 30 2007

       Hence the pint-sized float.
fridge duck, Jan 30 2007

       I don't get it. It's like declaring that the lake is slanted because a tennis ball rolls off the deck of your raft.
Texticle, Jan 30 2007

       Not quite, Texticle; it's like *betting* that the lake is slanted, etc. And then cheating. Note the title.
pertinax, Jan 31 2007

       Yes but then the mark would have to be convinced that the lake was slanted, after being shown the rolling tennis ball. How could anyone be that stupid?
Texticle, Jan 31 2007

       Are you serious [Texticle]? You've never seen a slanted lake before? There are loads around. The lake down the road from my house is at a 10% angle. Don't believe me? Care to bet on it? <rummages around for spirit level of dishonesty>
hidden truths, Jan 31 2007

       But the easiest way to check a spirit level's honesty is to turn it round 180 degrees. It should show that the water, initially sloped one way, is now magically sloping the other way.
Ling, Feb 01 2007

       Win that bet too!
Texticle, Feb 01 2007


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