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Break-Me-Down, Build-Me-Up

I Want One!...
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Nervous breakdowns are great fun, and always make you feel better afterwards. However, you sometimes feel like crap before it happens, and they don't happen often enough. People also tend to look at you funny afterwards.

The device can trigger a mental breakdown, send an alert to all around you (Flashing lights and sirens) and after you're done, it injects you with (what else) caffene and sugar, to make you feel much better, thank you. It then notifies those around you that you're much better, thank you, so stop avoiding them.

An automatic version could sense when feel crap, and trigger by itself.

QuadAlpha, Sep 17 2001

Mental Breakdown As A Healing Process http://www.global-v...nterview/perry.html
Interview with John Weir Perry discussing his and R.D. Laing's work on mental breakdown being beneficial. [Jim, Sep 17 2001]


       I'd rather have the caffine and sugar injection prior to the breakdown.
Better yet, hit me with some Valium.
Even better yet hit whoever's stressing me out with Valium.

       {Dammit [PeterSealy] stop slipping your posts in ahead of mine! You're driving me crazy!}
phoenix, Sep 18 2001

       Due to the mystical phenom. of Ideas by Concatenation, we have "Break-me-down, Build-me-up Dynamic FAT" which is certain to be a hit diet fad.
Dog Ed, Sep 18 2001

       [phoenix] It's yet more proof that Peter is, in fact, a computer. No human has reactions that fast.
[QA] Have we broken you down yet?
Jim, Sep 18 2001

       This one's getting way surreal. I think Mariah Carey's currently trialing this one on behalf of Nescafe, Microsoft and SmithKline Beecham. Early test results suggest the breakdown is permanent. Bummer.
sven3012, Sep 18 2001

       define ages
-alx, Sep 18 2001

       Am I mistaken or did phoenix just have a little break-me-down? PeterSealy simply submits ideas using other profiles then immediately posts to them to make it look like he's superhuman.   

       The bon mots below the half-croissant on a plate in the top left corner of my screen currently say "may contain nuts" which is pretty much right on the money.   

       I'd probably just manually trigger the device to get people to leave me alone.
Canuck, Sep 19 2001

       Sorry, [UnaB], but you and I are both [PeterSealy]. It's *all* him (except the twelve-year-old kids).
angel, Sep 19 2001

       Great! Now that you have made me 12 again I have to go through purberty, again! It was painful enough the first time, why are you going to make me do it again?
barnzenen, Sep 19 2001

       of course, if you do have a nervous breakdown, you'll act like your 12 years old again anyway. So are they actually 12 year olds? or just revisiting childhood?
shaggysin, Sep 19 2001


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