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Breakdance Yoga Mat

Downward Facing Dog on one side, Air Flare on the other...
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Yoga. Breakdancing. Separated at birth?

Their joyful reunion is long overdue.

The B-Boy Fusion Ashtanga Mat is a thin layer of high-density rubber foam sandwiched between a layer of comfortable cotton weave on one side (for yoga) and a thin layer of teflon on the other (for fresh downrock moves). Each corner would have a grip rubber anchor on both sides, to prevent the mat from moving around too much during either activity. Users would simply flip the mat according to the activity. The edges would contain small hook-and-eye fasteners so that one could link up several mats for large-scale breakdance battles.

Maybe in the future, outfits like Bikram would offer "Hot Pop-and-Lock" Yoga to yuppies and new-agers who wanna look fresh while improving their flexibility and coordination.


tourist, Apr 10 2006


       <said with extreme upper white class harvard accent> Word to you too, my fine man. I really dig what you are trying to lay on my lap. Let's get down and boogie, brother, I mean, bro. <sweuwcha> +
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 11 2006

       <Insert Flava-Flav's standing contribution to society here.>
Letsbuildafort, Apr 11 2006


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