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B. Churn

category: Culture,Dance,Food, Dairy, Product
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Rave Party Butter Churn

A wearable device about the size of a small blender can be strapped onto the body in numerous places. The adjustable strap can be tightened or loosened to fit arms, legs, waist or head.

At the entrance to the Rave Club, one is given their share of the cream to put into the churn. The dancing begins and lasts throughout the night. Those who have worn the B.Churn and have successfully jumped, bounced and jiggled about, will go home with a freshly churned pound of butter.

You know that you should be using all that energy for something productive!

xandram, Dec 07 2015

suggested test environment for prototype http://i.imgur.com/N7VqB1g.gifv
[calum, Dec 07 2015]


       Gurn churn
calum, Dec 07 2015

       awesome link [calum]...anyone you know?
xandram, Dec 07 2015

       I think it's DrCurry.
calum, Dec 07 2015

       That would be a great choice...he's never around here, but always on facebook. What a face!!
xandram, Dec 08 2015


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