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Bad Dance Synchronization

Group doing bad (as in not good) dance moves but amazingly tightly synced.
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1- Synchronized dance teams are obviously made up of very talented dancers.

2- A major part of the entertaining element of watching several people do the exact same moves together is the fact that they're all moving at the same time.

3- Bad dancing, we're talking "drunk-uncle-at-the-wedding" dancing would be just as hard to choreograph and have an entire group perform in exact perfect lock step.

The routine would start with say, 7 dancers. The first 6 would display one amazing dance move one at a time. Then they'd come do the odd dancer, dancer number 7. This dancer would appear to have no experience dancing, indeed, no sense of rhythm whatsoever as they engage in a horrible, even embarrassing series of awkward arm swings, off time hip movements etc while being scrutinized by the other dancers who are horrified by what they see.

But then here's the twist, one steps up and copies perfectly these awkward moves. The rest of the troupe joins in one by one until they're all doing a series of moves that exactly duplicate the non-dancer's moves. They all kind of laugh at the person's expense but he keeps on dancing, not caring, just enjoying himself and the music.

Then one dancer steps up to the odd man out and in mime, says "Hey pal, let me show you a move you can try." It's a pretty standard one, but it's impressive when perfected. The odd man out nods his head and tries it. Perfection. He smiles and says "Thanks man!" (wordlessly of course). This is repeated with the other 5 dancers until the new guy has copied each move perfectly. Then the music reaches a crescendo...

The experienced dancers all stand back and watch. The "new" guy launches into the most amazing dance routine they've all ever seen, each move he's just learned executed perfectly. They all cheer and clap (as hopefully the audience is doing at this point as well) and for the finale, them dance into a human pyramid and gesture to the new guy who from the far end of the stage does a series of somersaults and flips and scaled the human pyramid being carried like a conquering hero off the stage waving at everybody as they exit.

doctorremulac3, Feb 11 2019


       See 'Synchronised Drowning'. I'm too lazy to post the hb link. Ha
xenzag, Feb 11 2019


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