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Breakfast Boobs

Cereal shaped like boobs
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Cereal for men only and it already has the milk inside.They are white pink and brown.
jerry4703, Jan 14 2003

"Pornflakes" Pornographic_20breakfast_20cereal
Reminds me of this one [hippo, Jan 14 2008]


       Sexist cereal.eh.hairy backs bix for women next ?
skinflaps, Jan 14 2003

       Jerry, quit playing with your food right now young man.   

       And clean your room.   

       This cereal will be bought mostly by women,even though they won't admit it.
pig, Aug 15 2003

       i think it'd be pretty gross to have the milk already inside the cereal...plus, you have to factor in how you could stop the milk from making the cereal mushy.
Cesario, Jan 13 2008

       Hmmm, are they chewy boobs or are they crunchy boobs? I don't see how you can contain a liquid in a crunchy anything, so I'm going to assume they are chewy like gummy bears, right? And, let me guess, the milk is made out of custard too, right? Baked!
quantum_flux, Jan 14 2008

       I love boobs dearly, but there are some situations in which they aren't as great as usual.
wagster, Jan 14 2008


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