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Breakfast in the Bath

Delay the inevitable...
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An architectural innovation, this requires building or modifying a home so the bathroom is adjacent to the kitchen. A sliding glass window at the far end of the shower opens into the kitchen. A ledge on either side of the window allows your loved one or a designated servant to prepare coffee, eggs, and bacon while you conduct your morning’s wash. You can then consume your day’s nutrients without ever leaving the warm comfort of the bath/shower.

If a bachelor wishes to prepare his food ahead of entering the bath, he may do so and leave it on the optional warming tray that attaches to the kitchen side of the window. He may then wash his dishes, brush his teeth, and shave while delaying facing the bracing cold of another bleak lonely day.

Of course, there's no reason one can't enjoy a relaxing lunch, dinner, or midnight snack in the bath as well.

grip, Dec 05 2003

thats IT, lubbit. I have restrained myelf from linking to this for 2 days... http://www.halfbake...r_20kinky_20bathing
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       //your loved one or a designated servant to prepare coffee, eggs, and bacon while you conduct your morning’s wash//   

       oh really?   

       <holds grip's head below the water>   

po, Dec 05 2003

       It's not unknown for bathtubs to be *in* kitchens (though I guess it's a little less common these days). Then, of course, you can keep the breakfast warm by putting it *in* the bath (on a tray, of course, wouldn't do for it to sink).   

       For myself, I shower of a morning, which would make the toast more than a little soggy.
DrCurry, Dec 05 2003

       But gentle [po], don't you want your loved one to delicately prepare your morning repast while you tenderly loofahed the sleep from your lovely eyes?
grip, Dec 05 2003

       well yeah, that sounds good! but I aint getting up to cook anyone else's damn breakfast! <grin>   

       you are not getting a bun from me until I am sure I am not doing all the damned getting up and cooking etc..   

       and don't you "gentle po" me you manipulative bastard!
po, Dec 05 2003

       I remember an episode of Rocko's Modern LIfe that aired on Nickelodeon with that in mind, DrC ... one of my favs. ... Bathrooms for Kitchens, Bathrooms for Ballrooms, Bathrooms for Bathrooms ...
Letsbuildafort, Dec 05 2003

       I've always wanted a shower which, at the touch of a button, would dispense piping hot soup instead of water. Press the button again, and the soup is washed away... (Would work equally well with coffee)
lostdog, Dec 05 2003

       Hasn't anyone seen that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer prepares and eats all of his meals in the shower? He installs a garburetor in the drain and simply kicks any mess made during preparation into it. Kramer wanted to live his whole life out of the shower-- he had phone installed, a clock, a waterproof radio. Of course, there was a sizable upgrade in the water heating department, and serious prune-finger issues to be dealt with...
squally, Dec 05 2003

       I moved the Coffee Maker into the Master bath for a period to avoid having to go downstairs for my morning cup. I loved it. Wife hated it. Mr. Coffee is back in the kitchen.
el observador, Dec 05 2003

       Me, manipulative {blinks eyes slowly, unbelievably}? I can't believe someone as nice as you would say such a thing [po].   

       If your man tries getting you up, ring me, I'll have a talk with him about the proper duties of us husbands.
grip, Dec 06 2003

       [lostdog] - its actually its a pretty funny prank to put bullion cubes in someone's shower head ... not as funny as you'd think if you were on the recieving end ... but the showeree turns out DELICIOUS
Letsbuildafort, Dec 06 2003

       Don't ask me why, but the idea of being surrouded by a wet atmosphere, in a steamy/warm room, sitting in water, doesn't make me hungry AT ALL.
Pericles, Dec 06 2003

       Wouldn't there be indigestion issues with taking a meal in the bath? I faintly recall my mum telling me not to eat before having a bath (though she may have been trying to save on food); I imagine such a warning would be equally pertinent for concurrent, rather than consecutive, dining and bathing.   

       Barring ablutive cramps, and since you make the point of differentiating between loved ones and servants, [grip], I hereby bun you. +
friendlyfire, Dec 06 2003

       I think its don't eat before you *swim* not bathe :)
po, Dec 06 2003

       Bun. This nicely solves a different but related problem, washing up the breakfast dishes. Coming home at the end of the day to congealed eggy/crumby dishes, and a solid black mass in the bottom of the coffee cup is discouraging. Eat breakfast, then pop the dishes & utensils in a hanging wire-frame rack, and hey, presto, it's all done while you shower. When you get home, everything's drained and dry.
phlogiston, Dec 06 2003

       Or... bathe yourself in breakfast. What better start to the day than smearing jam all over yourself, rinsing off with milk and padding yourself dry with pastries?
lubbit, Dec 07 2003

       Um, a menage a trois foie gras, perhaps.
thumbwax, Dec 07 2003

       I would like to have my loved one in the shower with me, not infront of the stove ;)
neogy, Dec 07 2003

       I would like to have my loved one in the shower with me, *while* attending to the stove.
Overpanic, Dec 07 2003

       Bugger, I dropped the toaster...
Captain_Ignorant, Dec 07 2003


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