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Bathroom Staff

Defending truth, justice and privacy.
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(This could be a long post, bear with me.)

Sometimes you are in the bathroom doing something that requires you to remain in a fixed location for an inportant period of time. So let's say that the door blows open, you could get out of the shower or off the toilet and shut the door, or you could use bathroom staff.

Bathroom staff is an adjustable length plastic stand alone staff which aids in the function of shutting and locking doors, grabbing items and providing toilet paper.

The bottom has stubby legs so it can stand within arm's reach of the shower or toilet. The other end has what looks like a lightbulb changer but more geared to doorknobs. Also sharing space on the staff is a grabbing claw, to give you things like towels.

It is segmented twice. The segment near the bottom is where the adjustable length feature is and the segment at the top comes completely off so you can get at the toilet paper that is on part of the shaft.

Bathroom staff can also hang on the wall so you can be lazy and use multiple rolls of toilet paper with out having to take them off the staff. Grabbing arm unscrews from the bathroom staff.

sartep, Oct 30 2003

Scroll down for "reacher" http://www.lifesolu.../household-aids.asp
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Seems very much like the "reachers" that are sold to the disabled and elderly. See link.
krelnik, Oct 30 2003

       Yes, I'm thinking at least 8 feet reach.
sartep, Oct 30 2003

       fogfreak: straingly? stringly? strangely? staringly?
DrCurry, Oct 30 2003

       Just so long as it doesn't have stubbly legs. I couldn't handle that. +
k_sra, Oct 30 2003

       The reacher is fine, but I'm also proposing something that can turn a knob and lock a door among other things.   

       It's ok K sra, it won't have stubbly legs. But it also won't leave the house, so over time it may not care.
sartep, Nov 03 2003

       Options to include air fresheners, lights, and radio. ... also have it glow in the dark as to be a bathroom beacon during the night ... heated seats and moon roof coming soon [+]
Letsbuildafort, Nov 03 2003


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