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Bathroom Thunderstorm Generator

"Gorillas In The Mist" is just so 80s
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If you like your shower hot and steamy then this is the dream invention for you. You see, I love thunderstorms. I love watching lightning ripple through clouds. I love the similarity between a night-time thunderstorm and the flashes of cannon fire inside massive clouds of gunsmoke. I love the drama.

Installing a storm soundtrack, stereo and van der Graaff generator in your bathroom allows you to go to work in the morning on a high.

A hot shower, a decent fog and 500 "lightning strikes" can only be good for the human psyche, on a Monday morning. Take your shower in a thundercloud, right in your own home.

Turn it off before you step out of the shower, wet and naked. Electricity follows paths of least resistance. You may be the path least resistant.

(Originally posted 24 Oct 2005)

UnaBubba, Feb 06 2013

or perhaps you like the idea without electrocution. Home_20Thunderstorm_20Simulator
[FlyingToaster, Feb 06 2013]


       Lightning could be simulated easily enough with strobes programmed to go off at random intervals and of random duration, or, better yet, triggered by the stereo soundtrack. There wouldn't be any need for actual static generators, thus no need for the risk of electrocution.   

       I'd be more concerned about the storm soundtrack putting me to sleep; in fact, my "Thundering Rainstorm" CD has exactly that effect, and I use it for that purpose, when I need to go to sleep in a hurry.
whlanteigne, Feb 06 2013

       We will put a 1MV Tesla coil in the mail to you this very day …
8th of 7, Feb 06 2013

       There was a rain, but not thunder, generator in the Film Noir Home. I too like thunderstorms and an indoor version would be great. It might require a pretty hefty subwoofer and amplification system though.
hippo, Feb 06 2013

       I doubt a Van der Graaf generator is going to work properly in a humid atmosphere.
FlyingToaster, Feb 06 2013

       But I shower with kitty and kitty is frightened of storms. No more shower with kitty. I stay neutral on this one. (And not really).
blissmiss, Feb 06 2013

       // I doubt a Van der Graaf generator is going to work properly in a humid atmosphere //   

       We demand an immediate practical test …
8th of 7, Feb 06 2013

       ^simple observation that shuffling your feet on the carpet works in dry weather.
FlyingToaster, Feb 06 2013

       And then someone thought it was another farting idea! I like storms...[+]
xandram, Feb 06 2013

       I love thunderstorms! Especially the big, nasty BOOM- CRASH ones we get around here.   

       A morning thunderstorm puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.
UnaBubba, Feb 06 2013

       Thunderstorms must be pretty rare where you live...
hippo, Feb 07 2013

       "The problem is not that we have too many fools, it's that the lightning isn't distributed right." - Mark Twain
AusCan531, Feb 07 2013

       I simulate the sound of thunder via the expellation of flatus in my bathroom routinely.   

       Does not smell like thunder though.
Kansan101, Feb 07 2013

       Your anal fixation is wearing a little thin, [Kansan].
UnaBubba, Feb 07 2013

       I'm a little surprised that you would like lightning storms given how devestating the wild-fires are way down under there.   

       I'm still skeptical about how many fires are caused by lightning, [2fries].
UnaBubba, Feb 07 2013

       You figure arson?   

       They've caught and prosecuted more than 30 people for just that, in the last couple of years. One of them may have started a fire that killed more than 30 people, in Feb 2009.
UnaBubba, Feb 07 2013

       Sad. We get a lot of that here too but fewer convicitons it seems.   

       As for the idea, I like it. Fire up the tesla coil and spread out the rubber mats.   

       They only ever catch a percentage of them.
UnaBubba, Feb 07 2013


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