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Breakfast of Champions

Eat or be Eaten
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Is nerdy little five year old Timmy a champion? I think not. But just in case, lets give him a chance to prove it. To allow people to succesfully claim that they truly eat the breakfast of champions, they should have to wrestle their breakfast with the victor getting to eat the loser.

Obviously the true breakfast of champions would not be able to be a cereal as that would not make for much of a fight. I have yet to think of a suitable huntable creature for vegetarians, short of serving bread and hunting the baker (or halfbaker).

To prevent injuries the animal that you wrestle would be chosen by you, making sure that you do not wrestle anything too dangerous. Little 'uns could be fighting little unprocessed bacon bits whereas the lumberjack population would be feasting on tasty bears and lions.

hidden truths, Apr 22 2005

Eearios http://www.ahajokes.com/crt381.html
Breakfast of Mike Tyson [DesertFox, Apr 23 2005]

Breakfast of chapignons http://www.5jt.com/archive/000171.html
I think I can Take'm. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 24 2005]


       Breakfast of Champions...   

       Is other athletes.   

       Or in Mike Tyson's case, ears. See link.
DesertFox, Apr 23 2005

       //To prevent injuries the animal that you wrestle would be chosen by you// What exactly prevents people with inflated egos choosing to duel something a little large for them?
Some people may try taking on a wild boar only to find that they really should have stuck to chicken wings.
fridge duck, Apr 23 2005

       Perhaps a better competition could be had by pitting youngsters against the breakfast cereal mascots like they do in the commercials.   

       I can just imagine Lucky putting his 7 year old adversary into a headlock and forcing him to capitulate the match by forcing him to say that Lucky Charms are "magically delicious".
wimp35, Apr 23 2005

       \\Breakfast of Champions...
Is other athletes \\ A good idea but this would lead to a sort of highlander style, "there can be only one" champion.

       That or several, very hungry champions.
hidden truths, Apr 24 2005

       <pictures Scholastic Bowl nerdy colleagues wrestling with a container of Tang> ;D [+] for the amusing mental picture.
spacecadet, Apr 24 2005

       Wait, in order to read the book _Breakfast of Champions_, wouldja hafta wrestle Kurt Vonnegut Jr.?
spacecadet, Apr 24 2005

       Maybe a "breakfast of champions" restaurant, where patrons have to come in parties of at least two, or paired. Then, they split in two teams, fight each other and only the champions will get food from this restaurant.
Pericles, Apr 25 2005

       That would have probably made more sense for the restaurant category.
\\wouldja hafta wrestle Kurt Vonnegut Jr.? \\
only if you want to eat it afterwards.
hidden truths, Apr 26 2005


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