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Freestyle Restaurant

Restaurant attached to grocery chain store - no menu.
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You can order baked beans mashed up with prunes and anchovies, stuffed into a roast chicken. Or a sirloin and fries. Ice cream in cheese sauce. Big potential?
thantox, Apr 05 2001


       and meatshakes? they serve meatshakes, yes?
absterge, Apr 05 2001

       An interesting challenge for chefs too.
sirrobin, Apr 05 2001

       PS: Restaurants will try to accomodate diner requests but usually only within the range of their normal menu. If I was to wander into the local Thai restaurant and order, in addition to the usual phud thai, a heaping serve of baklava or lasagna they wouldn't be able to do it. You can get anything you want at Thantox's Restaurant.

And for perhaps one night a year I'd love to put on the chef's uniform and see if I can keep up.
sirrobin, Apr 05 2001

       The challenge is not the silly customers. If they get too gross, give them what they want and they probably won't ask again.

If the customer's prepared to pay I'm prepared to try to cook it. I'm not sure I couldn't come up with a chicken stuffing that would work based on the ingredients listed (though if they were the only ingredients allowed there could be problems). Icecream in cheese sauce isn't so silly if I can choose to use a sweetened cream cheese and add some other flavourings. Imagine a hot fudge sundae style dessert where the sauce is a half-set warm berry cheesecake over chocolate icecream.
sirrobin, Apr 05 2001


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