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Mix your own vinegar

The vinegar restaurant feature for the connoisseur or your everyday Joe.
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Those who read “Vinegar” will know about the vinegar restaurant idea, but for those who didn’t it’s basically a restaurant where vinegar is served and everything else is a side order (e.g. A order of malt vinegar with a side order of fries and steak). When I was thinking about this I came up with and idea. The vinegar mixer would be similar to those sample paint mixers which you get at DIY stores, except paint is replaced with vinegar. The expertly trained staff at these restaurants would ask a customer a few simple questions about their tastes and then mix various types of vinegar together in the mixing machine and then serve the person with there own personal vinegar. The composition of the vinegar could be printed out on a little sheet of paper so that the person could order it again. Balsamic vinegar would only be used for mixing in very small amounts due to its price and the customer would probably have to pay more for using it. Another mini idea is that the restaurant could have vintage bottles of balsamic vinegar in the cellar that could be served to connoisseurs or bought by them, just like wine is purchased at high-class restaurants.
talen, Jan 06 2003

(??) Oil & Vinegar http://www.oilenvin...nl/welcomereal.html
They have a few branches in the UK, with in-store samples, high-quality mixes and a suggestion box for new recipes. Great place. [kpx, Oct 05 2004]


       Well I can't find the old "vinegar" idea anywhere It's vanished.
talen, Jan 06 2003

       you should look after your things better.
po, Jan 06 2003

       It was a case of here before Xmas, come back and it's gone.
talen, Jan 06 2003

       Since vinegar is made from old wine, how about a "brew your own vinegar" shop, a la all of the make your own beer/wine/whatever places these days?
cswiii, Jan 06 2003

       Good idea. One store, two entrances.
Monkfish, Jan 06 2003

       The high-class one and the working class one?
talen, Jan 07 2003


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