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complicated no suck can

combat this scourge with technology
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Okay, it's really not that complicated. A big steel pedal can with two pedals, One in front that opens the lid, and another on the side that opens a one-way valve for ten seconds.

A similar but more low-tech version has a one-way valve near the bottom that lets air in but wont let any nasty liquid out. This could be sold as a make-your-own version that is just the threaded valve and a couple of washers and a couple of nuts.

nomocrow, May 23 2007

Vented garbage can Vented_20garbage_20can
Similar idea, different problem. [phoenix, Feb 25 2008]


       I'll take one.
normzone, May 23 2007

       My Dreams Have Come True!
asdfgh, Feb 25 2008

       We've done this before. I think the final verdict was to run a tube to the top of the can for passive ventilation both during insertion as well as removal.
phoenix, Feb 25 2008


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