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Breastpocket Handkerchief ticket for male commuters

A useful magstipe ticket
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Keeping your weekly train/bus ticket in your suit jacket breast pocket makes it easy to access at toll points. If the ticket was shaped with a bit of a point and colored it could double as pocket handkerchief.

It would look good and be functional. A trendy item peaking out of the breastpocket - marking the owner as and environmenetally friendly kind of guy. A real chick magnet 8-)

If it is too expensive to modify the existing ticket dispensing machines to handle the new ticket shape - a simple breastpocket handkerchief ticket holder could be sold separately in a wide range of designs.

r_r_rydberg, Oct 21 2002


       Sheep wear epaulettes?
phoenix, Oct 21 2002

       “Many years ago I used to wish that epaulettes would somehow become fashionable.” An idea both fashionable and practical. You can put your Walkman in it, and, if it had a soft cover, you could use it to nap on the bus.
ldischler, Oct 21 2002

       Why is this in business: customer loyalty?
calum, Oct 21 2002

       Why is this in Business : Information Service? </br> moreover.. why is this ?
neilp, Dec 17 2004


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